"Nigeria's Millionaire Preachers" With Seyi Rhodes-Channel 4

Saharareporters interviews Seyi Rhodes the UK journalist and maker of the highly acclaimed "Nigerian millionaire pastors" documentary. Watch Seyi speak about his time making the documentary in Lagos,  Nigeria with Saharareporters -SaharaTV Live.

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"Nigeria's Millionaire Preachers" with Seyi Rhodes from Sahara Reporters on Vimeo.

Journalist Seyi Rhodes of Channel 4's "Unreported World" reports on the illusive claims of prosperity preaching and the fabulous lifestyles of wealthy preachers in Nigeria.

Copyright Channel 4 -Production Company - Quick Silver Media- United Kingdom

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Please can you show me where

Please can you show me where this power of God is? I would like to meet any man of God willing to reproduce their miracles under controlled environments - im sure none will including the big ones who run monthly mammoth programmes. Why is it that the only miracles we hear about are usally people we dont knw? of all the years you have been going to church have you ever seen an unmistakable miracle like an amputee's hand growing? i guess not.


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i strongly feel brethren that we are not in position to judge. i personally know dr samson in nigeria from child hood and he was never married and there are prove to show. the said lady lied that God told her the man of God was met for her and she went as far as to invesitgate in nigeria and the report sent back to her shows this pastor was never married in life. this siad lady reported him to the authority accusing him of preaching the gospel. pls what we dont know we should not conclude. it take two hands to clap and there are two side of the coins. before we conclude issues it is good to hear from the other party. thanks

Where is Pastor Samson?

Where is Ps Samson Dabbas? Is there a conference this year?
Really confused. Not sure what is true… We thought that him misusing his student visa was also an allegation by the woman. But now you are stating so too..BUT HOW HE COULD GO AGAINST THE LAW & MISUSE HIS STUDENT VISA? DOES THAT MEAN THAT HE OPENED HIS PRAYER CENTRES ILLEGALLY?

ALSO - why he AGREED to marry THE VIPER? WHERE DID THE WOMAN ABSCOND TO? How come he did not see the danger coming his way when he could prophecy so well & warn people of future danger?
There are so many unanswered questions:
2) Is he actually RELEASED/ was he DEPORTED?
3) Is he from White Garment movement? His mentor is
4) Why his life did not show the fruit of the Holy Spirit?
5) Why was he interested to operate a bar?
6) What happened to all his centres in Malaysia?
Please help advice.


Zadok: You are right. Finally, they both have to give an account to God.
CJ & I respect your empathy for the girl who is suffering from emotional breakdown.
Chemdah: Appreciate your sharing of facts. But unless you are either one of them – it is better not to comment.
If even one of them have sinned but have repented – neither does God condemn them! So WHO ARE YOU TO PASS ANY REMARKS/ CONDEMN/ JUDGE?
We may have many reasons:
- If he was truly a man of God – God would have revealed things to him & not get bitten?
- Why was the woman untouched? Why was she not found guity?
BUT ONLY God has a reason for allowing the pastor to get arrested and not the woman!
Only in His time will we able to know the truth. The truth will surely surface! No man can hide from God or run away from God!

Pastor Samson Dabbas is a victim/ the victimiser? GOD KNOWS!

If you are not the him/her – why waste your time judging and passing ungodly remarks?
Anonymous (not verified) on February 8:
1)If the woman absconded with the money, she would have been arrested. If she was not, who are we to say she absconded/ is guilty of such a thing? Did you see her running away with the money?
2)Why would you want to sin by calling her a viper? If she was not a woman of God, the pastor wouldn’t have agreed to marry her. Surely he saw something in her to get attracted to her! Why say such things and heap yourselves with burning coals for touching the anointed of God?
3)You contradict yourself by saying Pastor Samson Dabbas was arrested with false accusation by the woman he supposed to marry but also stated that he was under detention for the crime of misusing his student visa?? Means he really committed a crime. But even if he did commit any crime, id like to put forward a question… WHO ARE YOU TO PASS ANY REMARKS/ CONDEMN/ JUDGE?

Nigerian Pastor Samson Dabbas victim of false accusation

After reading your posting i would like to clarify some facts about this Man of God. Yes he was arrested with false accusation by the woman he suppose to marry who absconded the Prayer centre money worth of RM200,000. and lied about everything about him. While was at the peak of his Ministry everyone including Pastor who stood at the same platform and ministered said that this man is of GOD then the same people slander. Just Like what Paul in journey encountered in Acts 28 1-6 well those who know him refer the woman as the viper only thing that Pastor Samson did't do is cast that viper in the fire. He was under detention for 73 day and released on misusing his student visa that only crime. if cannot get the truth then don't simply post. Slander will come back to you. All only believe the woman why can't you folks check out with the authority before you post this.
what you sow is what you will reap.


Find the Truth and don't slander the Servant

After reading your posting i would like to clarify some facts about this Man of God. Yes he was arrested with false accusation by the woman he suppose to marry who absconded the Prayer centre money worth of RM200,000. and lied about everything about him. He was under detention for 73 day and released on misusing his student visa that only crime. if cannot get the truth then don't simply post. Slander will come back to you. All only believe the woman why can't you folks check out with the authority before you post this.
what you sow is what you will reap.


The Greedy leading the Greedy?

These 'pastors' have no theology or true biblical doctrine whatsoever. Do they know what the gospel or what being born-again is all about? Unfortunately, the gullible, desperate and GREEDY people are sucked in because they themselves are not seeking the Master, but only what is on the Master's table. And so, both camps are greedy...it's only that the prosperity teachers are a step ahead, manipulating and milking the foolish; making merchandise of the lost sheep and starving them of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


I have just seen your piece on Pastors in Nigeria- congratulations. You were brave and it is also a nice piece of work. We have the same situation here in London.These are the people who accuse children of being witches and are responsible for deaths like that of Victoria Climbie and the 15 year old whose killer is being tried now. I have been doing research on these accused children and really feel that the pastors are largely responsible for the accusations
We need a film to show where the effort needs to go if we are to protect these children who are our responsibility since they are our fellow-citizens.
best wishes
Jean La Fontaine

eh! you got proof that he did

eh! you got proof that he did not submit the Certificate?
Emotional breakdown? Then call a tow truck and tow to the nearest cuckoo nest!

so what! it shows that he is

so what! it shows that he is smart( in the matters of God and Bible) and charismatic! whether he is gathering wealth for himself or for his generation or for his relatives or friends, ultimately he has to stand before God to give an account! So until then "piss" off!

Of Govt and Preachers

It really is a very simple equation.....Govt is doing their's ...while d preachers do their's too. Every body face his business.....

What's wrong with Word of Faith?

Many Nigerian Mega Church founders got thier Word of faith training through TBN. It goes back to Kenneth Hagin and before him, E.W. Kenyon, , Madam Blavatsky and the Gnostiks. The article below will educate the diligent.


May God help us all to strive to enter through the narrow gates.

Christians should give, not tithe

The summarized 4 tithes are based on Theocratic administration and Deuteronomical laws. New Testament emphasizes giving.

Jesus' guidelines: Matt 5:22-25; Matt 6:3-4; Luke 3:11; Luke 12:33-35.

Apostle Paul guidelines: 1 Cor 15:58; 2 Cor 8:10; 2 Cor 9:7-14; 1 Cor 0:2-4,7-10,14.

Giving as an eternal matter: Matt 25:31-46; Gal 6:6-8.

Some would be rescued from further exploitation by Wolves in Sheeps clothing if they knew from the Bible.

What does Biblical Whole Tithe(Mal 3:9) comprise? Part 2

4 Tithes:

iii)Celebration Tithes..Deut 12:5-7,11-12,17-19; Deut 14:22-27. It involves Crops and Animals, usually consumed at Yearly pilgrimages to Jerusalem(formerly Shilloh). Due to travel requirement, can be substituted for cash at 125% value. Consumed on tither and associates.

iv)Welfare Tithe..Consumed on the poor, alien and poor priests..Deut 14:28-29, Deut 26:12. Consumed every 3rd and 6th year.

Do you still think your tithe is Biblical? How does James 2:10 apply?

What does Biblical Whole Tithe(Mal 3:9) comprise? Part 1

4 Tithes:
i)Tithe to Levites Tribe(Plants or Animal): i)10% Crop(Lev 27:30-32) given to Levites; ii)Every 10th animal counted(Lev 27:32-34). You all figure who the Levites are; no cash involved here. Given 6 out of every 7 yrs(Exod 23:10; Lev 25:18,20).

ii)Levites tithe to Priest(Num 18:25-29). The best 10th portion given to the Priest from what's collected above. These Priests are strictly discendants of Aaron.

Priest gets a 10th of a 10th. Does your Pastor qualify?

He even got married to a

He even got married to a local in Malaysia for the sake of making Malaysia his base so that he can travel around the world. However, the girl cancelled the wedding when was tipped off that Rev. Dr. Samson Dabbas was married in Nigeria as his mariage status showed that he was married. Investigation showed that although he was registered to the girl, he did not submit their Marriage Certs to the Nigerian Embassy in Malaysia even after 3 months. The girl has been suffering from emotional breakdown as she has been accused of destroying his ministry just because she refused to marry him due to his unclear marital status.

Nigerians are not only doing

Nigerians are not only doing that in NIgeria but are now going around the world gathering people's wealth to fulfill their on lust of the flesh! Recently a pastor known as Evangelist Samson Dabbas was arrested in Malaysia for misuing his student visa. He opened centres and collected more than 1 million from people of the said nation. Now - he has been deported back to Nigeria but is going round the world to continue his wealth gathering.

Nigeria millionaire preachers

The government is sopos to collect tax from the people between 15% - 17% but owing to the corrupt system it was agreed that the church charge 10% and make sure the people don't speak or cause any problems while the politician are busy looting the rest,remember the same thief politician occupies the best seat in the same church think think think it's all part of the big plan to keep us down to be religiously free is to be politically independent.religion is been use as a tool of mass control by the politician both Islam and Christianity alike.

yes,i have jeeps,not just

yes,i have jeeps,not just one.i have foundation to help people suffering in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.If u cant give,u canmt receive..foolish man,change ur thought and be wise


Tafawar what u call urself.Dont u every repeat ur statement.Did u just originate into this world by urself?U must be a big fool,for the fact pastors make money in the name of GOD,does not givce you ordercity to play with the name of GOD.Mind what u say,foolish man who cannt define btw GOD and man.Emperically,scientist said,Jesus was a black man,do ur research well

the issue of preachers in nigeria

Only a fool says in his heart that their is no God. Christianity is a life. and to those who have been called into this life to are known of the father. i know my sheep and my sheep knows me. they hear my voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow. i strongly believe that those who have been deceived and led astray are those whom do not have Gods word as guide. ur word have i heed in my heart and ur word is a light unto my feet. Please, ppl be objective with ur discuss but please, remove personal bias and unschooled and unverified sentiments and statements out of the discuss. and with respect to pastors been rich i will not listen so to say to man standing by the road looking dirty and hungry, with torn clothes screaming jesus is coming again. God owns the universe and we are like him he didnt create us poor and sickily. u guys need to understand this truth. God help us all. their so much to say but not here.......


There's a big loop hole in the Nigerian tax system. It's pretty clear that religious organisations are money making ventures; then why the hell are they not taxed? Taxing them will definitely bring transparency and expose some pastors as they will try to conceal their true financial status...it will also reduce noise pollution and number of churches on our streets. As for the FOOLS patronizing these 419 pastors, please leave them to their fate....they are not being robbed they give voluntarily. Allow them to perish in their ignorance. GREAT JOURNALISM SEYI....PLEASE ALSO TRY TO UNCOVER THE THE ENDEMIC CORRUPTION IN THE NIGERIAN GOVT ACROSS ALL SECTORS AND LEVELS.

They are exploiting their environment

The preachers are exploiting their environment. Biblical teachings have been reduced to material prosperity. Yet, the Bible tells of preachers who did not own chariots and castles but were blessed in different ways-Moses, Amos, John the Baptist, Paul, Peter. Today, it is about possessions and breakthroughs. In a superstitious society where nothing works, basic provisions and services have become objects of "miracles" and "divine breakthroughs". To own a car is a blessing. To have a roof over one's head is a breakthrough! 30 years ago in Nigeria, a university graduate could get a car and build a house on hire purchase and loans which s/he would pay back over time. It is a miracle if NEPA does not take power during a ceremony. A successful visa aplication is a cause for thanksgiving. The preachers have robbed the people of their willpower to protest against terrible governance. We are waiting for "God" to come down from heaven and save us. Nigerians!! Wonderful people.

nigeria ,like sodom and gomo

85% of the pastors nigeria are cheaters ,deceivers ,419ers , doom forcasters , money loving men of God ,with chains of cars , beautiful mansions ; they are all hollow. Nigeria has the highest number of pastors ."offering time !!!blessing Time !!!!.10% of your income ? thats all stealing by tricks .God does not want a penny from u before He gives u life . I tell you , without "offering Time and blessing time" all these so called pastors will look for a job .but with this 10% of your income, more and more criminals will rise to decieve the people . for me , i have never giving them any chance to defraud me cos i know what they know even better! Agreed they are few good ones but the bad ones are over alarming . only one 1% of the pastors and priests are living examplary life of Jesus Christ.

" touched in my heart to give a Jeep to a Pastor"

Foolish man, do you have a jeep yourself? You personally want to give a jeep to your Pastor, have you given a jeep to your own mother? There are many who can benefit from your gift (food, home, medications etc..).. People like you read the bible upside down and worship pastors who hav the worst records on earth, giving jeep to Pastor.. pastor ko pastor ni, nonsense..

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